Kelly J. Stigliano

Anxiety weighs down the heart, but a kind word cheers it up. - Proverbs 12:25


I have known Jerry and Kelly Stigliano for a few years, but I feel like I’ve known them a lot longer. As active members of HighPoint Community they are a fun, faith-filled couple with many gifts and graces.

One of those many “gifts” is in the area of speaking. I was most surprised when I heard Kelly’s story for the first time.

I’ve been in full-time ministry for 30 years. During that time I have had the privilege of hearing some of the greatest speakers in the world. Preachers and ministry leaders are prone to exaggeration and embellishment, but that is simply not the case here.

When I first heard Kelly’s testimony I was quite frankly, blown away. Her very transparent journey is a remarkable story of God’s power, grace, and healing. I immediately began thinking of all who would benefit from hearing Kelly’s story and I ended up with a very long list.

Her redemptive, restorative story is shared with passion and humor. If you are able to use Kelly in your local setting, her honesty, winsome smile and sweet spirit will minister to your listeners in a way that will heal, encourage, and bless.

Pastor Mike Hailey
Senior Pastor
HighPoint Community Church
Clay County, FL

I had the opportunity to hear Kelly at a yearly seminar sponsored by North East Florida Health Information Management for professionals in this or related fields. Kelly had the attention of the group from the beginning and held it throughout her session.

She was very real with the group and her points were applicable to those in attendance. She was refreshing and encouraging. Kelly conveyed her faith in a very concise and accurate manner as she explained how her faith kept her going and how God had directed her life. She did an excellent presentation of how our faith and our purpose in life are intertwined.

Rhonda Carmichael
HIM Operations Manager
St. Vincent Medical Center
Jacksonville, FL

The ladies of New Grace Church were SO blessed and touched by Kelly’s words that truly came from the bottom of her heart! She is such a godly, yet down-to-earth lady with an honest, open, funny, candid, “keeping it real” heart and I thank God for her amazing gift of sharing and speaking.

In addition, I thank Him that she has faithfully followed His calling for her life and has allowed Him to use her as His servant ministering to women in such a mighty way!

We all could so relate to her talk, on one level or another, and it was the perfect reminder to all of us to remember the true meaning of Christmas . . . that it is so much better to give than to receive. Also, it was a great reminder that giving doesn’t have to cost us money, but it’s the love that goes into the giving that really counts.

It was just what we needed during this busy, hectic and overly commercialized time of year . . . the awesome message of the birth of Jesus and to keep our hearts and minds focused on the true meaning of CHRISTmas! I thank God for the honor of knowing Kelly!

Christie Hingst
Women’s Ministry
New Grace Church
Fleming Island, FL

I met Kelly at Orange Park Assembly 12 years ago and I heard her speak at a Women’s Ministry breakfast there. I was so touched by her openness and honesty. Kelly was so transparent about her life and what God did for her and through her, that 12 years later I invited her to minister to my Women’s Ministry at First Assembly in Fleming Island, on Mother’s Day, 2015.

Kelly spoke about her past, her regrets, and her failings and how God delivered her from all of that. She ministered in such a graceful way, I know every heart that was there was ministered to. Including mine, again!

Kelly is very open about who she is and her past and knows many women are bound by the pain, regrets and emotions of our past and our todays. She has a way of leading women to the saving and healing power of Jesus Christ through her testimony, which gives us hope that what Jesus did for her, He can do for us. Thank you, Kelly! Love and Blessings!

Phyllis Cantrell
Women’s Leader
First Assembly
Fleming Island, FL

Kelly Stigliano is a funny and vivacious speaker. Her presentations are not only enjoyable and informative, but they always lead back to how God restored and redeemed her life. I highly recommend her.

Professor Shari McGriff

 I met Kelly at The Salvation Army. She came to do a story for Clay Today, our local newspaper. I needed to do an Education class for our senior ladies and came up with the idea of encouraging them to write their memoirs for their family history. I asked Kelly if she could come in and speak to my group. 

She was a wonderful speaker, sharing with us her experience with her father-in-law’s memoirs. She was well prepared and gave handouts with tips on how to record your thoughts and experiences. She told stories from her own life and how writing it down to share with family can touch the lives of the next generation.

Everyone enjoyed her tremendously. She is a sincere, funny and warm person. We were all touched by her style of speaking.

Connie Wagner
Administrative Support and Volunteer Coordinator
Salvation Army Clay County, FL

Oakleaf Baptist Ladies’ Ministry Team had the awesome opportunity to have Kelly Stigliano as our guest speaker for our Annual Christmas Brunch in 2017.

Kelly took a very familiar Christmas Story by Charles Dickens and used it as an outline to give a very timely and up to date correlation of her own testimony as well as life situations that many of the ladies in attendance could identify.

Kelly speaks in a very clear, easy to understand tone and was able to keep the attention of the 120 ladies in attendance with her Christmas devotion. It was apparent that she was touching hearts of the ladies due to the silence and from some who were wiping away tears.

Kelly left each person with the Hope they could have in turning their lives over the Savior – Jesus Christ.

We are looking for future opportunities to have Kelly come back to Oakleaf again. Kelly interacted with the ladies before and after the event which helped the ladies to have that one on one connection with her. She truly was an inspiration to many and gave a clear gospel presentation.

I highly recommend Kelly to anyone seeking a speaker with a testimony and walk that reflects a true Christian lifestyle.

Rhonda Carmichael
Oakleaf Baptist Ladies’ Ministry
Committee Member

I had the privilege of serving with Kelly Stigliano in a variety of venues at Orange Park Assembly of God Church in FL. Within those roles I had the opportunity to hear Kelly speak as the MC of several functions, as a workshop instructor, and as a speaker sharing her own testimony. In each occasion I found Kelly to be a confident speaker with a well organized message, sprinkled with humor in her own unique style.

She has inspired me and touched my heart through her encouraging and heartfelt delivery. I have recognized and appreciated Kelly’s technical skills as a speaker as well as the level of professionalism and integrity with which she delivers her message.

Lynda Piampiano
Speak Up America Club,
Toastmasters International member since 2002
Jacksonville, FL

I have known Kelly for over 16 years on a personal level as well as working with her side-by-side in women’s ministry. I have had the pleasure of hearing Kelly speak on several occasions and have been inspired by her courageous and honest approach to life. Through her faith in the Lord she has learned many valuable life lessons and delivers them with sincerity and humor that will touch your heart as you cry and laugh along with her.

Lynda Piampiano
Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor
Jacksonville, FL

I had the privilege and pleasure of hearing Kelly speak as head of our women’s ministry at Orange Park Assembly of God in FL. 

A defining moment for me was during a women’s luncheon when Kelly shared with us her personal testimony. She made us laugh, she made us cry, she made us gasp as she shared the details of her life with humor and gravity, but also with an anointing of love bestowed upon her by the Holy Spirit that reached every heart. A love that opened secret chambers of hurt and abuse, a catalyst that set women free that day. With her gift, she helped me realize that speaking out and speaking up is preaching the good news of the gospel.

Dorothy Anderson
Sister in the Lord
Warren, OH

Kelly is a dynamic and engaging speaker who shares from her heart real experience. She is inspirational and uses humor and biblical truth throughout to show how God weaves the details of our lives together.

Kelly has a sweet spirit that is evident when she speaks and draws you in to want to know more about the transforming power and love of Christ.

Cathy Perry
Non-Profit Director
Jacksonville, FL